Mulroy Bay Irish Poitín

Poitín is the spirit of Donegal and is part of our heritage for centuries. We have been told many times here at Baoilleach distillery " Your not the first Poitín maker in Gortnabrade, by a long shot but your the first legal one."

That speaks to the continuity of the Poitín makers presence here in Gortnabrade and wider Donegal over the centuries, Poitín has alway been here.

Baoilleach Distillery continues the tradition from the many that have gone before us. We are delighted to carry on the tradition in our local community and bring it to people all over the world.

Baoilleach Distillery produces Poitín based on the two twin ingredients of Irish Malt Barley and Donegal Potatoes. Our mash is fermented slowly and distilled from a small Copper pot giving it the fullness of flavour that you would expect from an original Donegal Poitín.

We also produce peated Poitín's, all peating of grains takes place in our custom smoke house. We rest some of our Poitín's for up to 10 weeks in Oak Barrels and some of these Barrels we season with Port & Sherry.

Poitín has alway been about small batch distilling and we here at Baoilleach Distillery wish to continue that and bring our drinkers the best Poitín possible.