About Us


Baoilleach Distillery is Donegal's first grain distillery in over a century. Our distillery is situated in an old cottage on a hillside overlooking Mulroy Bay and the Wild Atlantic, outside the picturesque village of Carrigart in Co. Donegal. 

We are proud to be one of the smallest distilleries in Ireland and produce quality craft spirits which capture the character of Donegal and its rich distilling heritage.

We are a manual, small batch distillery using direct fire and a small copper still. A batch consists of 250-350 bottles with several spirit distillations needed per batch. Our distillery is producing Irish Poitín, Irish Gin, Rum and Whiskey with our Irish Whiskey production commencing in early 2022. 

If you wish to purchase a cask from the Acorn Cask Series - Triple Trinity, please get in touch by emailing Michael on baoilleachdistillery@mail.com

Michael R O'Boyle – Distiller

My distilling journey began with a small pot still and my interest has grown into a passion for producing spirits for others to now enjoy. I love experimenting and developing unique Irish spirits in small batches using traditional techniques.

Our mission is Craft & Quality, Small Pot - Big Flavours.