Acorn Cask Series


The Acorn Cask Series is Baoilleach Distillery’s foundational Irish Whiskey Cask program. Like an Acorn we are taking root here in the Hills of Donegal; deep roots for deep flavours.

In this Cask Series, Baoilleach Distillery chooses to encompass the old and new styles of Irish Whiskey, while paying homage to the old style Poitín which dominated the distilling tradition of Donegal over the centuries.

The Acorn Cask series will be based on a Triple Trinity 



A cask owner can choose from 3 Peat levels, 3 Distillation styles and 3 cask wood types.  27 different combinations are possible from the Triple Trinity dependent on the owners’ tastes.

The first release of Acorn Casks will amount to 27 Casks, more Triple Trinities of 27 casks will be released at later dates until at least one Cask of each Triple Trinity Irish Whiskey has been produced.

All Peated Grains will be peated on-site with local peat using Baoilleach Distillery’s custom methods. Fortified Wines - Port/Sherry. Pot Still - Style- Whiskey may not be labelled as Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey- Wording will be dependant on Irish Whiskey G.I changes.

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