Baoilleach Whiskey

Baoilleach Distillery will start production of Irish Whiskey in early 2022.

The Distillery will focus on the production of Peated Whiskey's, using different mash bills and distillation styles to produce an exciting and varied range of excellence Irish Whiskies.

All Peated Grains will be peated on-site in our custom smoke house using local peat and Barrel storage will be on-site.

We will run two direct fire Potstills which can also be converted to run 4 plate columns, giving the distillery a great range of distillation options to suit individual mash bills and cask types.  

The distillery will be run by myself, the owner/distiller. The whiskey production capacity of the distillery will be 50-100 Casks per year, each cask will be given the attention it requires to produce the finest whiskey possible. 

Because of the handcrafted nature of the distillery each Barrel or Cask will have its own story, this coming from small mash batches, open top fermenters and individual spirit cuts for each cask, its about the craft and art of distillation. 

Please check out our Cask Series for a more information on the Irish Whiskey we will produce.